45 Degree Inside and Outside Corners

We frequently receive requests for 45 degree inside and outside corners for our residential baseboard and commercial finned tube. We manufacture these accessories using the true angle. What is true angle? Let’s look at the true angle for a 45 degree plumbing fitting. Water is directed at a 135 degree angle when flowing through a “45” degree plumbing fitting. A 45 degree plumbing fitting is 45 degrees less than 180 degree flow. 180 degrees less 45 degrees ends up with a “true angle” of 135 degrees. As standard we offer 90 degree and 135 degree angle accessories. To date all requests for 45 degree angle accessories ended up where the real request is for 135 degree accessories. A true 45 degree angle is similar to the inside angle of a “V”. While this it is possible to have a room with a 45 degree angle for walls, it is highly unlikely. An accessory requirement for anything other than 90 and 135 degree angles is a special request requiring a custom inside or outside corner. We do manufacture custom angle accessories, we build custom angle accessories to actual templates. We also