Apartment Complex in Sioux Falls, SD gets Revital/Line!

J4 Development was contracted to upgrade 120 Units in at the Meadowlands Apartment Complex in Sioux Falls, SD. The apartments were getting upgrades including new floors, boilers, fixtures. Hander Plumbing and Heating is the Contractor hired to do the work. The material was purchased by Ferguson in Sioux Falls, SD.

David Perez with J4 Development became aware of Revital/Line by Slant/Fin through Hander Plumbing in Sioux Falls, SD who was working on the complex for J4.  Hander had used Revital/Line on another project, brought it to the attention of David Perez, David Perez got a sample From Ferguson in Sioux falls.  J4 had an account with Ferguson and have used them on various projects around the US.  David likes Revital/Line because it is made of durable material, is powder coated a bright white color and installs very quickly.  They can install 73 feet in 45 minutes.

J4 Development
1700 Jay Ell Drive Suite 100
Richardson, TX 75081
Project Manager is David Perez

Hander Plumbing and Heating
2407 W 5th Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Greg Lorenzen
Installed new boilers, water heaters and fixtures at the complex

1001 E 14th Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Sam Schreier Manager