Columbia Island: An update

Toward the end of 2011, an unusual project was being started on a very small island in the Long Island Sound. The project was a refurbishment of a concrete structure that is on Columbia Island. Columbia Island was purchased by WCBS-AM,  in 1940 in order to begin construction of a concrete foundation to support a transmitter building with emergency housing for ten workers, topped by a 410 foot (125 m) antenna tower. WCBS-AM (then known by the call sign WABC). The transmitter remained in operation until the 1960s, when the station was moved to nearby High Island.

Since that time the structure had fallen into disrepair. Now, present time, a new owner of the island wanted to modernize and refurbish the building with all new windows, insulation, electrical system, generators, etc, in addition to a new Slant/Fin heating system. Three Slant/Fin Eutectic EC-26 oil fired boilers along with Slant/Fin commercial baseboard was chosen by the General Contractor for this system. The restoration continues and Slant/Fin has been informed that the boilers are working just fine. Here are some photos from the project.