His Story is Our Story

Slant/Fin was founded by Mel Dubin in 1949. Mel was convinced there was a better way to manufacture fin-tube radiation and he was determined to find it. Mel’s story (and eventually our story) started in the back of a bakery in Coney Island, New York, with a focus on commercial grade elements. The original design was a locked, slanted fin - hence the name Slant/Fin. Mel had lots of stories - his favorite about the small original work area. "We had to manufacture 10-foot elements one-half at a time, then open the back door to turn it around to finish." For more than half a century, heating contractors, engineers and builders alike have depended on Slant/Fin for products of the highest quality. Today, we install heating equipment in millions of homes in the United States, Canada and around the world.



Founder Mel Dubin starts Slant/Fin humbly in the back of a bakery in Coney Island, NY. Mel focuses on commercial grade element with an original design as a locked, slanted fin - hence the name Slant/Fin.


The Vision

Mel’s vision - the baseboard that delivers everything you promise - sparks the start of Slant/Fin advertising. The first ads highlight innovation in the baseboard industry - introducing more efficient products and better commercial baseboards. The quiet, high performing and easy to install Slant/Fin baseboard is a contractor’s dream. Poised for more growth, Slant/Fin makes designs for its future Greenvale factory.


Nationally Known

Slant/Fin grows to become a nationally-known company and proudly begins operations at its current location in Greenvale, NY. Slant/Fin markets the 900 BTU’s per linear foot Multi/Pak 80 to handle a wide range of light commercial heating jobs. Although not the least expensive baseboard, Slant/Fin installs and performs better than any other brand to help contractors get fewer call-backs and more referrals. Slant/Fin’s new “Zip-Strip” baseboard carton saves hours of installation labor - with no time lost by staple-cut fingers. Slant/Fin markets a marriage between boilers and baseboards for high performance and long-lasting quality. Slant/Fin expands line to offer Hydronic boilers - introducing the Galaxy gas boiler and Malibu oil boiler.


25th Anniversary

Slant/Fin’s coal boiler lines bring ease to the contractor while the Galaxy “80 Plus” Natural Draft Gas Boiler earns recognition as “The Cure for Callbacks”. Slant/Fin virtually eliminates the call-back, earns a number one placement in its field and continues to grow stronger. Levittown, NY becomes the first truly mass-produced suburb regarded as the archetype for postwar suburbs. The town welcomes the Slant/Fin baseboard as its in-ground radiant heating begins to leak. Slant/Fin proves to be the best option while keeping the comfort of hydronic heating. Slant/Fin’s popular Victory gas-fired boiler is power-vented and compact so it can be installed in a closet - or in just about any size room with an outside wall.


Never Duplicated

Slant/Fin revamps its advertising to focus more on style and appearance - featuring the beautiful new vinyl clad leathertone baseboard. New ads introduce sex appeal into the product line while targeting meaningful and long lasting relationships with consumers. Slant/Fin maintains its mission to drive innovation and make it easier for contractors with a commitment to excellence. The Slant/Fin hot water baseboard-boiler heating system installs quicker, more easily and with a free conscience. Focusing on quality with better products and less call-backs, Slant/Fin becomes a leader brands can try to imitate - but never duplicate.


Trend Setter

Slant/Fin achieves continual growth. Now in the boiler business for over 15 years, Slant/Fin expands their line to ensure contractors have boilers for different installation requirements and markets. Like a toolkit, The Fine/Line and Multi/Pak series baseboards help contractors select the right one for each job. Slant/Fin earns trend-setter status in portable heat with the most dependable portable baseboard heater built for safety, comfort and durability.


Beauty and Structural Reliability

In need of more space, Slant/Fin proudly makes its first expansion of the factory. The economically-priced and service-friendly XL-2000 oil boiler - “the lean, clean heating machine” - provides superior combustion and far cleaner performance. Slant/Fin adds beauty and structural reliability to heating with a new mindset that style is important - even in commercial applications. Wholesaler Magazine ranks Slant/Fin boilers #3 in brand recognition and preference. Slant/Fin’s Caravan cast-iron modular boiler system proves ideal for commercial jobs without the need for a big “commercial” boiler.


More continual growth

Slant/Fin achieves more continual growth. The Kicker by Slant/Fin 14 ½ inch multi-purpose fan convection heater outputs the heat of a 12 foot hot water baseboard. The Victory power-vent gas boiler heats thousands of homes across America. Slant/Fin equips every baseboard element with thick, tin-plated steel end-fins, which are more than twice as strong as aluminum fins.


Installer Friendly

The Liberty - unique in shape and performance - frees contractors from virtually all but once-a-year cleaning and burner service. Slant/Fin’s “time is money” ad campaign highlights the installer-friendly baseboard as the number one brand selection among successful heating contractors. Slant/Fin proudly introduces rust resistant baseboards in pre-cut lengths - including the unique and very handy 3 ½ footer - to meet any wall width with no cutting.


Professional Image

Slant/Fin releases its powerful Hydronic Explorer CD - “the greatest installation tool since the wrench” - to help contractors choose the boiler that is just right, clinch a sale and build their professional image. The budget-friendly Base/Line 2000 baseboard helps contractors win more jobs without compromising on performance or ease of installation. The company focuses on service from this point forward.


Domestic Hot Water Generator

The Domestic Hot Water Generator - ideal for the Lynx or VSL - transfers heat with nearly 100% efficiency. The whisper-quiet Eutectic earns Slant/Fin prestigious recognition for the industry’s quietest boiler. Slant/Fin C-448 element proudly displays in a popular Newsday publication featuring President Obama and the First Lady touring the new One World Trade Center.

Think Green

Slant/Fin “thinks green” and installs high efficiency heating from as far North as Alaska to as far South as the South Pole. Slant/Fin continues its mission to build trust, brand image and relationships with contractors. The company brings color to the residential baseboard for the first time in 60 years. Slant/Fin is proud to make America’s best-built boilers.


Higher Efficiency

The Victory VSPH power vented boiler - which vents directly through the wall with no chimney required - introduces higher efficiency to the standard cast iron boiler. The VSPH strengthens Slant/Fin’s mission for higher efficiency. Slant/Fin markets the heavy-gauge and extra wide baseboard bracket to contractors. Slant/Fin focuses on Terra Therma to help contractors master radiant heating.


America’s #1 Baseboard Brand

Slant/Fin ads put a modern twist on our founding philosophy - building trust and confidence with the best quality home heating products. America’s #1 baseboard brand launches the premium Decorator Series - the only residential baseboard offered in decorator colors - to enhance any decor with a hand-painted powder coat in your choice of shell white, cloud grey, rubbed bronze, almond, mirror black, flat black, mineral bronze and the most popular - bright white. Slant/Fin introduces CHS Series condensing high efficiency stainless steel boiler. Slant/Fin puts innovation at your fingertips with the free Hydronic Explorer Heat Loss Calculator app for the smartphones of today.


The SLANT/FIN Hydronic Explorer Web Application

With the rising popularity of the Hydronic Explorer phone app, we decided to expand it to a web application so everyone can have access to it from a computer. Along with same great features from the mobile Hydronic Explorer app, Hydronicexplorer.com allows you to have more options such as creating your company profile to include your logo, completing summaries with additional components, and printing out comprehensive estimates for your customers. You can always work with multiple jobs and choose which Slant Fin baseboards & boilers are right for any application. The website also includes a segmented instructional video on the home page to get you started and walk you through all the great features.

Pink Boiler Campaign

For years, Slant Fin has been manufacturing quality baseboards and energy-saving boilers. We’ve always felt a sense of responsibility to give back to our community. Slant Fin is currently the only boiler manufacturer to have a "Heating for a Cure” pink boiler. One way that Slant Fin has found to give back is donating a portion of the proceeds of each pink Sentry boiler to breast cancer research and supporting groups, such as The National Breast Cancer Foundation. Slant Fin boilers provide warmth and comfort to its users. It’s only fitting that we support charities, like breast cancer research, that works to bring comfort to people in need through early detection, education, and support services.


And here we are today...

We’re proud that Slant/Fin has grown into America's largest manufacturer of baseboard heating equipment. We’re also one of the top manufacturers of gas and oil boilers. Today, over 45,000 feet of Slant/Fin product heats the new One World Trade Center.