Why Hydronic Heating is a Healthier Way to Heat Your Home


Air quality is often an issue that homeowners overlook when planning their heating and air conditioning systems. Comfort, fuel-efficiency, and cost are often the factors that take top priority. The fact is that there are more choices than just the type of fuel that a system uses. There are also differences in the heating and distribution processes. The right choice in a heating system for your home will improve comfort and even help keep you and your family healthier.

Furnaces vs Boilers

Both furnaces and boilers rely on gas or oil to create heat but their method of delivery varies a great deal. A furnace heats air and then blows it into ductwork that runs throughout your home. Air is blown out of registers or diffusers, creating warmer areas in some spots. The hot air rises to the ceiling and remains there once the furnace is no longer blowing.

Boilers heat water that is then circulated throughout the house via small pipes. The heat is delivered through the baseboards at the floor level. The heat rises by natural convection, a process that is slower than that of blown air. This results in more evenly distributed warmth that lasts longer. The heat warms the walls and blocks drafts for more uniform warmth.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can have a big impact on your health. Eliminating the source of the contaminants and preventing them from being blown around through your home will create a healthier, safer environment.

Health Risks You Can Avoid with Hydroponic Heat

Even short-term exposure to dust, allergens, and other contaminants can irritate existing cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses. They can make it more difficult to breathe, putting more stress on your heart and lungs.

Long-term exposure can damage cells and prematurely age the lungs. People who are healthy may develop respiratory conditions like asthma, emphysema, or bronchitis. The pollutants that are blowing around your home can even put you at risk for some types of cancer.

More Comfort: Healthier Living

Children, seniors, and people of any age who already have respiratory or cardiovascular disease and/or a weakened immune system are at the greatest risk of illness due to poor air quality in the home. This risk is completely eliminated with a hydronic system.

Hydronic heating doesn’t blow allergens and contaminants around your house or give them a place to hide in the ductwork. There is no trade-off between healthier air and a more comfortable living space. In fact, you will have more control over the areas of your home that you want to keep the warmest. Every member of the family has the choice to keep their room at the temperature that is right for them.

A hydronic heating system is a healthier, cleaner, and more comfortable way to heat your home. There really is a healthier way to heat your home without sacrificing comfort or energy-efficiency. Contact Slant/Fin today and learn how you can start breathing easier and living more comfortably.