They say, “no man is an island”. But can you live on one in the middle of the Long Island Sound? Well it seems that someone is going to do just that, just as soon as the building on it gets fixed up a bit. The only way to access the island is by boat, maybe in the winter one could walk across the ice but that’s not recommended.

It is sure going to get cold out there. So, three Slant/Fin Eutectic EC-26 oil fired boilers and Slant/Fin baseboard were chosen by the General Contractor for the heating system. The building is a 20 year old concrete structure that is being re-furbished with all new windows, insulation, electrical system etc, in addition to the new Slant/Fin heating system being designed by Perry LaBarbera, Slant/Fin’s sales rep.

Doing any of the work there is a real chore, you can’t bring your truck there so if you forget something it will be a real hassle to get it back on shore. The work is slated to be completed by September or October before the ride to it gets bone chilling.

By the way, as of this writing, the G.C. is still looking for someone to install the heating system. Contact Perry at if you are interested.


Interesting facts:
Columbia Island, known before 1941 as Little Pea Island, is an island in Long Island Sound and part of New Rochelle, New York. It is about 150 ft square. It is situated between Davids’ Island and Pea Island. CBS purchased it, and in 1940 began construction of a concrete foundation to support a transmitter building with emergency housing for ten workers, topped by a 410 foot (125 m) antenna tower for WCBS-AM (then known by the call sign WABC). [1] [2] The transmitter remained in operation until the 1960s, when the station was moved to nearby High Island.