Mike Bickerstaff

“I wanted to let you know Cliff really went out of his way to service our customer on a recent order.

A large distributor, we were working with had a big important customer in WI that does mainly apartments, currently he has over 10K feet in BL lined up for several buildings more coming up. There was one issue – he doesn’t like the 2″ end caps and wanted to change an order that was being loaded or was loaded (info Cliff got from shipping).

The Wholesaler was asking to delete 960 2″ end caps and replace them with 960 4″ hinged end caps. Cliff was trying to get an answer via phone, knew it was urgent, went down and made sure the change was made before it was too late. What a mess this would have been if Cliff wouldn’t have pushed to get his done. Big returns, new order placed, frustrated customer, who pays freight – yuck!”