Mrs. Emily Burton

“Dear Mr. Dubin and Mr. Flanagan,
I wanted to write you a quick note to tell you about a great experience I had with one of your employees, Perry LaBarbera. When the heating element on my Bobcat stopped working at 3am the night of the last snow storm, I emailed Perry and he got back to me first thing in the morning (he had helped me with this same issue a while back when the boiler was only a year old, and I’m so glad I still had his contact information!). He then went out of his way to come by on his way home (before he even dug out his family from the snow!) to fix my problem (much appreciated since I have 2 young children and being without heat is hard during this horrible winter). He noticed that one of the gaskets was leaking and immediately said we’ll be replacing your boiler for a completely new one at no charge! Yesterday I got my new boiler, and again Perry stopped by on his way home at 8:30 to make sure everything was set up correctly.”

“I am extremely grateful for this level of customer service, and you can be assured that when we start building our new house in the next few years, that we will be choosing a slant/fin boiler (or 2! My husband is done fooling around with snow blowers and in the next house we plan to have a heated driveway). You’re lucky to have an employee who is so committed to his work and helping your customers! Thank you!!”