Warranty Claim for Beckett or Hydro-Level Components

Warranty Claim for Beckett or Hydro-Level Components

Slant/Fin Warranty Claim Form

Beckett or Hydro-Level Components

Beckett and they Hydro-Level will honor warranty replacement parts directly through their wholesale distribution network, not with Slant/Fin. Any stocking distributors can order a replacement item and receive an RGA for a Slant/Fin OEM part directly with the manufacturer. If the item is returned and deemed defective, the distributor will get full credit for the replacement. For help finding a distributor nearby: https://www.beckettcorp.com/contact/distributors/ or https://hydrolevel.com/distributors/

If you are a wholesaler and are not an authorized distributor of this brand, do not accept return of component. Please ask your contractor to return item to a designated dealer for warranty credit. Sorry for inconvenience, Slant/Fin and is no longer manufacturing so we have no way of handling these directly with these manufacturers.

The form below is for our record only, you will need to get the RGA directly with the manufacturers distributor. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Within 10 business days of your request, you will receive a RAN to return or disposition.