Isn’t water amazing?

It cools us in the summer. Quenches thirst like nothing else. Keeps our bodies working at optimal efficiency. And anyone who’s been in an intense water-gun fight knows how much fun it can be.

But even though it’s been around in numerous forms for decades, a lot of people still don’t think of water when it relates to home heating. But, as it turns out, home heating utilizing water — better known these days as radiant heat or “hydronics” — is actually the best way to enjoy maximum comfort while achieving cost-savings as high as 25% every month!

Ask almost anyone who uses forced hot air to heat their home, and you’ll hear stories about “hot and cold spots” throughout the house. What causes these phenomena…poltergeists? Engage in a similar conversation with a “hydronics homeowner”, and they’ll probably look at you funny. That’s because they’ve never experienced these “spots”. Heck, most of them think a draft is a writer’s first script. Thanks to modern hydronics, all they’ve ever known is even, consistent heating delivered through highly-effective baseboard that runs along the floor under the window, neatly and unobtrusively fitting in with any room decor.

Speaking of drafts, that’s another beauty of hydronics: it’s a lot healthier than forced air heating systems. You don’t have air constantly blowing dust, odors, pet hair and dander, or spores and germs around your home. Also contrary to hot air systems, radiant heat will not dry out your breathing passages and leave them more vulnerable to infection.

Further accentuating the positive, since hydronics gently heats the various surfaces within a room — not merely the air — heat loss through windows, doors, and ceilings is almost non-existent, so you therefore burn less fuel. Just as important and cost-effective, a sealed system like hydronic heating guarantees virtually zero heat loss as warmth is radiated throughout the house.

How else can heating with water save money for today’s homeowner? The answer is simplicity itself. Modern hydronic systems make it easy to create and control individual zones in every part of one’s home. So it’s a breeze to automatically warm up daytime living areas before you even hit the snooze alarm, or cool them down at night when not in use. On those days filled with abundant sunshine, you can turn down the heat in rooms getting enough naturally, further lowering your fuel bills.

While the full list of benefits provided by radiant heating are too numerous to detail here, one additional advantage should not be overlooked: it’s worry-free. Because a hydronic heating system has very few moving parts, maintenance is required far less often than with most of its traditional forced air counterparts. In fact, hydronic heating works so well, you’ll start to take its almost effortless efficiency for granted…often forgetting it’s even there. And since it operates so quietly, you certainly won’t hear it working.

Oh…almost overlooked another biggie. As you might expect, all hydronic systems are not created equal. It really pays to go with a manufacturer that has a long track record of proven performance in the field to get the most savings and comfort satisfaction radiant heating can offer. Which is why more and more American homeowners choose leading-edge Slant/Fin hydronic heating for their homes.

A pioneer in hydronics for over half a century, Slant/Fin is the premiere source for commercial and residential consumers looking for energy solutions that are both environmentally and economically “green”. Slant/Fin hydronic systems operate with amazing efficiency with most heating fuels — natural gas, propane, oil, electricity — and are the ideal choice for complete system conversions, home additions, and retrofit projects. Once installed, Slant/Fin radiant heating will deliver comfort, confidence, and cost-savings — as high as 25% or more each month — for a warm feeling that never goes away.

When you analyze all the reasons to get your own Slant/Fin hydronic heating system, the only logical conclusion is that with anything less, you’re really getting soaked. Learn more for yourself today at www.slantfin.com.