Slant/Fin’s New VSL-160 Condensing Gas Boiler Is Very Simple To Love!

Very Simple To Love!

Imagine a baseball player with a .930 batting average. Or a quarterback with a 93% pass- completion rating. How interested would you be to get financial advise from someone who’s made money on 93 of his or her last 100 investments?

VSL-160 Condensing Gas Boiler With Heat Exchanger

With these images in mind, it’s easy to understand all the excitement about Slant/Fin’s new VSL-160 Condensing Gas Boiler. After all, it delivers a 93% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating. But as impressive as this is, it’s just the beginning.

Slant/Fin’s new VSL-160 also is a leader in overall performance, safety, and environmental friendliness. A perfect amalgam of innovative European design and American value.  The VSL-160 features a stainless-steel premix burner and an ASME stainless-steel heat exchanger with shared radial circulation that has unparalleled corrosion resistance.  One unit can be set up as either natural gas or propane. For professionals and consumers alike, that translates into dependable, hassle-free operation for a long time to come.

What really makes this remarkable new boiler most attractive to homeowners and multi-residence managers utilizing combi-units, however, has to be the superior cost-savings it delivers year after year. Its ability to modulate the firing rate to 20% of its rated input means the boiler goes through fewer cycles to provide its 93% AFUE efficiency, making it significantly less expensive to operate.

DHW Heat Exchanger

When used as a combi-unit — which also features a 2.6-gallon expansion tank, circulator, DHW heat exchanger, and diverter valve — that translates into serious dollars every month.

But the new VSL-160 Condensing Gas Boiler still isn’t done impressing. Thanks to its unique design, condensate flushes combustion residue while streaming down the tubes, so the VSL delivers continuous productivity while simultaneously reducing maintenance and its related costs.

More efficient. Less expensive to operate. Extreme comfort and reliability. No wonder every Slant/Fin VSL-160 single or combi-unit boiler comes with dual warranties: five years parts and labor, and 15-year Limited Lifetime. And, as part of the company’s on-going efforts to preserve our environment, the VSL is designed and built to achieve low-lead CSA approval, and meet the strictest state legislation requirements, including those in Vermont and California.

Sure…a boiler with an 93% AFUE rating might not sound as exciting as, say, your favorite baseball player batting .930. But when you’re warm and comfortable watching a game, and think about how much you’re saving on all that comfort, it’s gonna feel like you hit a pennant-winning home run. And we’re talking every game!

To learn more about the remarkable new Slant/Fin VSL-160 Gas Condensing Boiler, simply visit their website ( for complete details and a list of distributors in your area.